Business Technology Analyst

Searching for a Business Technology Analyst?

Using your business technology to function at its complete potency can save your company thousands a year. Tuning into exactly what you have and the innovations it can run before rolling out a new project will save your company time and prevent unforeseen expenses. SwiftTech Solutions, a business technology analyst, can examine your systems, architecture, technology associated expenditures, software(s), printers, and relevant maintenance/items. SwiftTech Solutions can identify areas we can condense your collateral and lower your company technology costs:

  • Main Cost Points: Telephone, Internet, Software License, Servicing, Email
  • Integrity & Security: Physical Hardware, PC / Laptops / Mobile Devices, Server Resources, Firewall, Switches / Hubs, Wiring, {Network Speeds in/out, Development Expenses
  • System Architecture: Network Backbone, Cabling, Server Suite Environment, Firewall Capabilities, Backup Strategy, Disaster Recovery, Web Exposure

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The SwiftTech Solutions Business Technology Analyst Mission

The focus is for the customer to benefit from all accessible resources based on budget and requirements. SwiftTech’s expert computer network technology familiarity will help guide your business into the most advanced and money-saving technologies used in the professional setting today. A strong technology set up will save you significant money in servicing and thousands hours of work over life span. Suitable expenditures today affect the stability and growth possibilities in time to come. This provides an technology financial governance process with practical costing disciplines and presenting “cost visibility” which can dominate revision in usage models to work with IT resources examined by a  business technology analyst.

The IT Future

The goals of efficient consumption servicing are twofold: improving and regularly reducing the volume of technology assets the company consumes — with an eye toward cutting overall costs — and enhancing the blend of technology spending to target more on lower-cost assets and higher-value SwiftTech services and data based on actual IT operation detected by our business technology analysts, your business can start discovering ways to control and lessen usage. SwiftTech Solutions is located in Orange County, CA and consists of various service level packages. We deliver affordable, proactive tech servicing and support. Utilizing a unparalled structure, SwiftTech Solutions gives you with a simple source of professional expertise and systems to streamline systems maintenance and support operations. Our aim is to keep your IT systems operations available and secure. We will take care of your technology needs so you can concentrate on operating your business. With a Business Technology Analyst, we can assist you to maximize efficiency while lessening your operational costs. Contact a Business Technology Analyst by dialing 877-794-3811 or e-mailing